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Our Technology

Comprehensive Solution

Acculing employs a comprehensive suite of technology, known as Fluency®, to facilitate and streamline our operations. The Fluency suite consists of project management and dashboard components, as well as systems to network all of translators together throughout the world. Unlike most other translation solutions, Fluency was built from the ground-up to comprehend all of Acculing's needs from the beginning to the end. This allows us to minimize cost and ensure quality assurance and deadlines that cannot be realized by other systems.

Client Dashboard

Acculing's easy-to-use web portal, FluencyFlow™, allows for quick file uploads and instant project bids. Upload your project into our system and receive an instant bid, approve a new project or view the status of an existing project. Most importantly, our localization technology is industry leading in that it leverages translation memories to cut down your costs while ensuring highest quality.

To learn more about our Fluency technology, visit our parent company's website: Western Standard.

Translation Memories

When translating, our proprietary software Fluency®, tracks all the work that we do for you. Whenever duplicate content is encountered, Fluency will automatically translate that content and provide a discount. This system is called a Translation Memory (TM) and can enable real savings that add up quickly over time. This is especially so in content that has minor changes each business cycle, such as support manuals, product briefs, or software revisions.

Since all our translators, editors, and other quality assurance vendors all connect to our central Translation Memory system, we are able to share the work of many people across the entire system in real time. This increases the quality while reducing both the cost and the turnaround time of your content.

Terminology and Glossaries

Taking the time up front to determine the correct strategy for globalization can save an organization up to 30% over the course of a large project. When working with new clients, our consultants will work with you during the internationalization process to create and establish your brand in new cultures. We'll identify the best ways to translate your product descriptions, branding, and ideals and feed those into our central Terminology system. Fluency will then ensure that these critical words and phrases are translated correctly at every level.

Style Guides

Another way Acculing ensures quality and consistency in global localization and translation is by leveraging style guides. A style guide contains rules of presentation. Presentation often includes fonts, a company logo and color scheme, and capitalization of product names or units of measurement. So, when translation and localization is done right, they leverage glossaries and style guides to ensure quality and consistency.

Our Pricing

Acculing recognizes that not everyone needs or wants a PHD to translate their internal business communications. We believe in providing the right service for the right job. This means that we allow our clients to select the specialization level they want us to use, when selecting our vendors. During the project submission process, you'll be able to select among four specialization levels:

  • Bronze level - Recommended for huge volume translations and internal business communications
  • Silver level - Recommended for general purpose content such as manuals and product descriptions
  • Gold level - Recommended for marketing campaigns, product briefs, technical content, and general purpose content
  • Platinum level - Recommended for legal, medical, highly technical content, and top-level marketing slogans or branding

Each of these levels represents varying levels of expertise within the industry along with an appropriate cost to that expertise. Acculing offers the most flexible pricing solution by matching you to your specific needs.

Our People

Acculing follows a five step approval process to ensure that the people we work with meet our quality standards. Below, is a high-level overview of our vetting and approval process:

  1. We will only register in-country translators in our system. Any translator NOT in country will have to get a job with the other guys.
  2. We qualify each translator/interpreter by their experience, degree and certification level. This means when you need college graduate we are able to quickly and effectively use the best linguist(s) for your project.
  3. Our linguist filtration process vets by subject and field specialization. A linguist with field specialization such as patent's will be much better equipped to translate a legal document than a linguist with a PhD in pharmaceuticals would be.
  4. With subject-specific exams we are able to objectively rate our linguists off of more than the 'he said she said' policy. Walk the walk.
  5. We leverage the industry standard QT21 definition for Multidimensional Quality Metrics to provide ongoing internal testing and evaluation. As we work with vendors, our systems are automatically ranking and evaluating the quality of our team members in different categories and industries. This enables our project managers to make highly informed decisions about the best translators for a given project.

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