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Website Translation and App Localization

In-country Translators

Our project managers and linguists have the experience required to manage your UX/UI translation and localization. For website translation, we only use in-country translators to localize the tools to your product offers. Get access to an Acculing Account Manger to learn more about our Software localization, desktop publishing, video game localization and subtitling/voice over options.

Why App and web localization matters

More than just good business practice, web and app translation is a wise business investment. With over 90% of the mobile activity in the world inside an app, your app needs the language to reach more markets. The translation and localization process is simple.

How web and app translation works

First, we will gather from you a glossary of terms to white list or black list any specific words or phrases. For example, if you need your company name “White Thunder” to remain the same no matter the language then we will black list “white thunder” from any alternative translation. Second, we export a .string file of your app and work out a pseudo translation. Then our technology replaces text within the .string file with Lori Ipsum text to mimic the destination language length and size.

Testing the Translation

With your new pseudo translation in hand you can upload the new code into your app. Then, you will watch closely for any formatting mistakes or sizing issues that could potentially arise during the future translation. Because the pseudo translation mimics the word/character length of the desired language, mistakes inside dynamic or static buttons can quickly be identified and resolved.

Get started on a new Project

Follow this link for an online price quote in seconds. Start by uploading your file type and choose your deadline. Next, select the desired language and country. Finally, choose the best price for your project and let us get to work. If there are some requirements of your company to sign a NDA, please contact our Project Management team by emailing [email protected] or call 801-221-5101. We also understand that some of your projects will require a rush delivery. If this is the case please select the deadline requirement during the project upload submission.

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