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Communication is Key

As a translation agency we are in good company when we say “communication is Key.” Your business, in some way or another, has been built on communication. In order to do so, you’ve spent time analyzing the marketplace, culture, learning what sells fast, for the most profit. As a result, you’ve mastered the rules of communication—the signs, symbols and language required to bring in new business. Expanding your business globally presents some impressive potential and it seems like that potential is only limited by language, or in other words, being able to effectively communicate in the language of those potential clients. Entering a global market with Acculing Translation Services is simple. Translating your story, content, message and code gives you access to a market worth pursuing.

Steps for Translation

Translation can be as simple as deciphering what your toddler is asking you for lunch or as complex as ensuring a global patent adequately protects a business from fraud. For this reason, Acculing can provide you with the exact service to match the translation you need. From Machine translations with a human editorial pass all the way up to DTP and search optimization and specialized Human translators with multiple quality checks. Acculing works with any budget on any timeline. We believe going global should be simple. Our expert translators are certified and heavily vetted using Multi-dimensional Quality Metrics and translation industry pre-requisites, and are ready for the project you have in mind. Use our team to localize your product description, medical documents, legal documents, software and everything else in-between.

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Follow the link below and start by uploading your file type and choose your deadline. Then, once the desired language and country have been selected, choose the best price for your project and let us get to work. If you require a signed NDA, please contact our Project Management team by emailing [email protected] or call 801-221-5101. We also understand that some of your projects will require a rush delivery. If this is the case, please select the deadline requirement during the project upload submission.

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