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Localization and how it is Different than Translation

Localize the story you tell

First of all, the words you speak and the story you tell are one in the same in your market. Crossing borders and entering into new markets allows for some awesome business potential. While entering new markets will require some language translation, focusing only on translation will miss the mark. However, localizing your message will translate the power of the story your brand tells. To localize your content, we adapt that message to fit the culture of the market you are going to enter.

Localize: Adapting your message for new markets

A good translation company will adapt your message and brand to be appropriate for the market you’re going to enter. Most noteworthy, to translate the message and story of your brand, there must be a localization process. Localization is a translation by an in-country translator who specializes in the culture of the destination language. A local translator, specialized in the industry of your choice, will translate your copy in a way that can adequately capture your story.

Use In-Country Translators to truly Localize

In country translators will localize your copy, product descriptions, websites, marketing materials, email blasts, apps and much, much more. Localization experts at Acculing tell your story to sell your brand, by engaging with clients in their native language. As a result, they'll create true customer engagement to increase brand awareness and loyalty for you.

To encourage an emotional purchase, your message must present a story that makes people feel something. With Acculing you can ensure that the brand you built and the words you write will be localized to tell the story you meant for the buyers to feel. By localizing we capture the culture so you can capture new customers.

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