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Legal Document Translation

Leverage Technology | Streamline Legal Translation

Leveraging technology to streamline Legal Document Translation is Acculing's specialty. The best way to handle detailed translations with large word counts is by using technology that protects privacy and ensures quality.  We offer legal document translation and legal language services for interpretation or translation so your firm can manage multilingual cases.

Legal Translation requires specialized, precise and consistent translators who have an understanding of the law. You and your firm can rely on our professionals to provide you with a solution of only the highest quality. Being that legal translation is sensitive expertise where knowledge and experience go hand in hand, let our specialized legal department give you access to: expert legal translators, translation confidentiality, under any deadline and a long-term relationship you can count on. So, submit your project on our simple drag and drop user interface to start your next translation project.

Some of the areas in which Acculing practice include; Patent Litigation, Antitrust, Commercial Litigation, Corporate Litigation, Mergers & Acquisitions, FCPA & Bribery Act. We can also handle all document types. Some of those document types include; Contracts, Confidentiality agreements, Terms & Conditions, Licensing Agreements, Regulatory documents, Patents, Testimonies, Wills and deeds, investment protocols, arbitration documents, legal tax documents, court documents and transcripts. Whether you are in Banking law, contract law, case law, civil law, commercial law, real estate law, criminal law, copyrights law, family law, IP law, litigation, or sales and acquisition we can handle your project.

In conclusion, Law Professionals need specialists who understands legal terminology and who are certified to be submit under the court filing system. The translators we use are certified and compliant to the Acculing standard.

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