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Interpretation Services

Interpreter: Consecutive or Simultaneous

We offer either consecutive or simultaneous interpreter(s) for just about any language. Consecutive is a style of interpretation that requires the speaker to break up the presentation/discussion into segments. Imagine, she speaks pauses then he speaks, English then pause, Spanish then pause and back to English. While simultaneous interpretation follows suit of the linguist talking alongside the presenter. The linguist does their best to continually interpret the message as the speaker presents.

Face–to–Face or Over the Phone

Our industry specialized interpreters can offer face–to–face or over the phone translation for any interpretation project. This will mean, if you need medical clinic, courtroom or business strategy interpretation, Acculing can ensure your message is communicated with accuracy and class. When you want to be available for your clients anywhere, anytime, use our phone interpreting service to get the freedom you need to close the deal or save the case.

Linguists who Specialize

Use our specialized linguists to schedule meetings, close deals and win the cases your clients need you to close. When you break through the language barrier your business will scale in ways a single language business can never obtain. Most importantly, you will be able to show your clients you have a real interest in them - creating loyalty and client retention. Our interpreters and language experts who build rapport and relationships you can trust and depend on.

Scheduling Interpreter(s)

Call our scheduling service customer service line at 801-221-5101 and the next available rep will assist you.

Scheduling Translation

Follow this link for an online price quote in seconds. Start by uploading your file type and choose your deadline. After choosing the desired language and country, choose the best price for your project and let us get to work. If there are some requirements of your company to sign a NDA, please contact our Project Management team by emailing [email protected] or call 801-221-5101. We also understand that some of your projects will require a rush delivery. If this is the case please select the deadline requirement during the project upload submission.

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